7 Fun Earth Day Activities For Kids

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Earth Day is coming up, so I thought I would compile some fun, low waste ideas of things to do with your kiddos, nieces or nephews. Earth Day (& every day) is a great time to foster a love for nature, and teach about how we can help mother earth. Even as an adult, I want to do some of these for Earth Day! 

1. Make a Bug Hotel (YES! you can make one)

These are great for encouraging biodiversity in your yard or garden. Plus many bugs (like lady bugs) are beneficial to your garden & plants!

You can REUSE materials you have to make this.

Here's a simple tutorial: https://www.redtedart.com/simple-bug-hotel-for-kids/

2. Plant Tree or Flower Seeds 

We carry tree kits here at EG that make a great (longer term) family activity. Your start your seed in a mini greenhouse that comes in the kit and once your tree is established, you move it outside. Your family can watch it every step of the way! This is a great oppurtinuty to talk about why trees are so important:

-They provide oxygen

-They preserve the soil (that we grow food in) and keep the ground stable

-Wildlife depend on them 

Our flower seed kits require less attention, you can just find a good spot and scatter them around! Just make sure to water & you'll have a nice patch of wildflowers, poppies, or sunflowers. 

 -Flowers are food & medicine for people & animals

-They are plants that also provide oxygen

3. Build a Bird Feeder

Give your family the chance to watch & talk about native birds by building a bird feeder! I've found a few tutorials that use household items you can reuse to make a bird feeder.

Using citrus rinds: https://mamapapabubba.com/2013/04/25/citrus-cup-bird-feeders/

Juice Carton: https://www.redtedart.com/juice-carton-crafts-owl-bird-feeder/

Egg Carton: https://www.naturalbeachliving.com/kid-made-bird-feeder-recycled-materials/

4. Take a Nature Walk

Bring something with you to pick up any trash you see. Just make sure to wear gloves & be safe! Talk about how we should always leave a trail better than we found it!

If you're in Washington, we have a blog post with some great hikes!

5. Ocean Pollution Experiment

If you're feeling a little more ambitious, I found a great blog post with an ocean pollution experiment. If it's more than you want to do, I feel like it can totally be simplified too. 

Check it out here.

6. Watch & Discuss The Lorax

Focus not all there for a project or not nice enough for an outdoor activity? Watch The Lorax (or read the book) together and discuss why forests are important. 

I found a teacher lesson plan with good prompts to discuss!

7. Build a Compost Bin

I know what you're thinking..."You want me to try to do this with my kids??". But I actually found a great walk-through for a compost bin for a toddler school. It takes you step by step and is easy to follow. 

This is a great activity that can be an ongoing positive impact & learning experience. 

I hope you found something in this post to try out this year! I would love to know how it went!

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