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In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, I've been trying to find extra ways to reduce my plastic use and the amount of chemicals I use, specifically chemicals that go down the drain or into the air. In our VIP group on Facebook, someone shared a video link about shampoo bars. I had NEVER thought about the amount of plastic that gets tossed from shampoo and conditioner bottles. I have been trying to use more eco-friendly shampoos, but none of them had been perfect. I was a little skeptical about the shampoo bars because I have long and thick hair, but I was so ready to try them!

When one of our reps recommended a small shop who makes her own shampoo bars, I was completely sold! The feeling I got when I realized I was supporting a small business owner, dumping the chemical-filled bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the trash, and then recycling to bottles to now make my hair and the environment healthier... all by purchasing a bar of soap... was priceless!

(Photo from the LBN website)

Ok, but does it work?

YES! Yes, it does. And I'm going to tell you all of the details! 

I've been using the shampoo bars for a couple months now and it's definitely different! So first off, your washing routine will be a little different. Like I said, I have long and thick hair, so using a shampoo bar takes me a little longer. When you're using this bar, you're literally cleaning your hair (more on the detox part later) so you spend more time scrubbing every part of your hair and really massaging it into your scalp. You also take more time in rinsing it all out. At first, I was worried that I was wasting too much water by my longer showers. But, I have realized that I can now go longer between showering. I used to shower every night or every other night, and now I can go 3 days between washing my hair. So, I'm not using extra water, which is great! I also really like not having to shower as often, yet using my longer shower time for "me time". This may not work for everyone, but it ended up being an added bonus for me! 

So since you are actually cleaning your hair of all the build up, there is a detox phase. I have pretty healthy hair. It hasn't ever been colored until a couple years ago. It's on the oilier side. And like I said, I had already been using "healthier" types of products to avoid too many chemicals. So I experienced detox for about the first 4-5 washes. What I experienced was just the waxy product build up leaving my hair. I don't know how to explain it other than it felt waxy, oily, a little heavy, and like I hadn't gotten all the shampoo out. There's also the learning curve of figuring out HOW to wash your hair this new way, and it's possible that I DIDN'T get it all out the first time or didn't wash every part thoroughly enough. I am also able to wear my hair up to work, so I didn't bother me too much to have to experience this phase. There are very clear directions and troubleshooting advice on the website, plus you can join her Facebook VIP page to learn more and hear from others! Now my hair is honestly amazing, better than ever, healthy, shiny, voluminous, and it smells so good too! AND, I am helping the environment! 

So where do I get this magical product and free support system?

Sorry, I saved the best for last. The company I used is La Belle Naturel and many, many, many of my friends have been using it too. You can honestly feel very good about using ALL of her products and the support you receive in making the switch. For example, I started using her conditioner BEFORE I wash with the shampoo so it's easier to get to all areas of my hair. This was a suggestion in the group from someone with thick and curly hair. While mine isn't curly, it does get tangled so that made sense for me! Just know, everyone's hair is different, but the end goal is so worth it! Happy shampooing! 


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